Donation campaign 2019

This 2019 we are celebrating 10 years of hard work and many accomplishments , always promoting the use of the bike. Now we need your help to keep working. To achieve our goals, we need to ask for your donation.

How do we use the money?

Recicleta is a nonprofit foundation and all the money that arrives is used to keep the foundation going. All of us who are part of the foundation contribute by giving our free time to make this dream come true.

Giving bicycles to children

One of the things that inspires us the most is working with children. We believe that giving them the opportunity to use a bicycle from an early age gives them a better life. That is why we have worked with different groups, institutes, schools and foster homes repairing or delivering bicycles to little girls and boys .

Giving bikes in El Bosque, Santiago.

Working with children in a foster home in Malloco.

Open bike-mechanic workshops

Every Saturday we invite people to come to our workshop and learn the basics of mechanics by fixing bicycles. We use the bikes that have been donated to us. This has a double purpose: on the one hand a person can learn to fix a bicycle from scratch; on the other hand, it helps us recover bicycles that had been abandoned and get them quickly to those who need them.

Fixing a bike from scratch in our workshop

Recovery of abandoned bicycles

We discovered that there are many people who are willing to use the bike as a means of transport, but do not have access to one. At the same time there are many people who have one in disuse and can donate it to us. We have received these bicycles, we have repaired them and we have made them available to the people who need them, benefiting more than a thousand people in these 10 years.

A donated bicycle that came into good hands

A small boy receiving a bike that was recently trash, now his treasure!

Working with communities and neighborhood associations

Another activity that we are really passionate about is working with neighborhood associations, communities and other organizations. On multiple occasions we have worked hand in hand with neighborhood boards or organizations doing free repair workshops for neighbors. We have also teamed up with other organizations to teach mechanics and even teach how to ride.

Teaming up with Macleta in El Bosque

Open workshop in Pedro Aguirre Cerda

So, summarizing

Support us to maintain our workshop and you will be helping us to focus 100% on working with the community. All the money you give us will be reused in tools and improvement of the workshop. Those of us who work in Recicleta do it with love and without receiving a single "peso" in exchange. And the only thing we want is for our dream to continue for 10 more years. ...

... so...can you help us?